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Праздник закончился. Израиль возвращается к повседневной жизни. Мой внук-солдат уехал на свою базу - после пикника на Кармеле с друзьями одноклассниками, ныне тоже солдатами.

А на американском континенте, с разницей с нами во времени, продолжали праздновать День Рождения Израиля. Вот как в Монреале:


There was a large show of support for the state of Israel in downtown Montreal today.
It was to mark the 66th anniversary of Israel's independence day — Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Thousands of people gathered at Phillips Square, most of them waving the blue-and-white Israeli flag, alongside some others waving Canadian and Quebec flags.

"It's actually one of the biggest, largest rallies like this outside of Israel," says organizer Sid Milech.

"It's just a very special day...to come and celebrate everything that Israel represents to me and my family," one woman said. "We've travelled around the world for 2,000 years, and finally we have a home. And we're going to keep it, forever and ever."
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