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Оригинал взят у avmalgin в Нам пишут
Я получил письмо от американки Катрин Моррисс, которая в июле 2012 года начала в России процесс усыновления (или удочерения, в данном случае) маленькой девочки с синдромом Дауна. Начала - и не закончила. Ей, как и многим другим американцам, Путин запретил усыновлять детей, но все это время они отчаянно за них борются - безо всяких шансов на успех. Она прочла мою заметку в газете The Moscow Times и решила, что я могу ей как-то помочь. Но я не могу. И никто не может. И никто этих детей уже не спасет.

Mr. Malgin,

My name is Katrina Morriss. I was reading the article you wrote on June 3rd about Russia's children and thought about contacting you to see if you would help get the word out about a new documentary concerning the Russian adoption ban. I am one of the parents who tried to adopt from Russia and met a child in July 2012. The child I met has Down syndrome and still resides in an orphanage. She is fortunate that she is in a good place and the director is a wonderful man who truly seems to care about the children even though they are disabled but even he admits it is not the same as having a family.

I was also in a Russian documentary but I am afraid that people in the US are too lazy to read all the subtitles so it has never be seen in the US. If you would like the link to that trailer too please let me know. It is called Children of the State.

Here is the trailer to the documentary. Please know that I am not the producer and have no control over the way the trailer is put together. I am the blonde woman in the purple sweater and I am also seen in Russia with my husband and the little girl with the big blue bow. My guess is if you follow Russian news and the adoption ban you have seen the footage of us already as I have done several interviews in Russia.

We are desperately trying to get our government to negotiate on our behalf to see if the last 37 children who met parents and still are not adopted can come home to the US. We know our chances are slime to none but we love these children and cannot turn our backs on them.

If you would be willing to write something about our trailer to help promote awareness that we are still fighting for the stuck children I would really appreciate it. Not many people seem to care anymore and our voices are becoming tired from yelling and no one listening.

Thank you for our consideration,

Katrina Morriss

Вот трейлер, о котором она написала:

Самого фильма в сети я не нашел. Только еще один трейлер, как раз кусочек про нее.

Я выполняю ее просьбу и даю ссылку на видео. Она думает, это поможет и Путин отпустит этих 37 детей в Америку. Наивная.

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